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 ZP-9 Fully Automatic Rotary Tablet Press Machine is a single sided tablet press which is capable of producing tablets with diameters up to 12mm. With minimal operator and maintenance training demands, the machine provides a cost effective solution to small and medium batch tablet production.

 ZP Rotary Tablet Press Machine

1. This machine integrates automatic rotation, frequency-conversion, speed-adjusting with continuous tablet-pressing. It is mainly used for the manufacture of tablet in pharmaceutical continuous; it also applies to press the granular material into tablet in the industry of chemical, food, electronic etc.

2. This machine applies to the pressing of granular material of which powder content(over100 hole) is below 10% and it can’t be used for the pressing of half solid, damp granular. Low melting point, easy damping material and the powder without granulator.
3. This machine can produce round, special-shaped and character-engraved tablets ¢5—20mm.
Change the mold to compress tablets of different shapes
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  Rotary tablet press advantages:
  1. Guarantees a higher output as high production levels can be achieved with a minimal amount of labor.
2. Higher outputs of 16200 tablets per hour save time and enable you to meet your large production demands.
3. It reduces wastage of material.
4. It allows independent control of both the weight and hardness of tablets.


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