Buy Carfentanil Wholesale.
September 3, 2018

You can now buy Carfentanil wholesale from Rich Chem Store if you are a re-seller and benefit from our cheap prices. Carfentanil is a very popular drug and many have made millions trading in it. We are looking to expand our business to other areas and so welcome re-sellers.

We know Carfentanil is very expensive but Rich Chem Store offers the best at very cheap price. Below is a list of our wholesale price:

Carfentanil 500grams
Carfentanil 1 kilogram
Carfentanil 5 kilograms
Carfentanil 10 kilograms
Carfentanil 20 kilograms
Carfentanil 50 kilograms

Send your inquiry now with your order quantity and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Remember the more you buy the lower the price.

Send a direct email to:

If you are looking to make money re-selling Carfentanil then Rich Chem Store is the perfect supplier for you.

We ship from within the USA and hence ensures our customers always get their packages. Because it is a controlled substance, making sure it reaches our customers is the top priority. We use priority mail and all packages are double vacuum sealed.

Rich Chem Store is the wholesale suppliers of Carfentanil to every part of the world. Remember all our products are for research purposes only and not for human consumption. You can go to our review section to discuss with our very satisfied customers worldwide. Success can be measured by how many clients come back for more. At the moment, we have about 300 repeat customers and supply over 30 kilograms per month.

Buying Carfentanil online has been made very easy by Rich Chem Store. No need to buy from the dark web that is always monitored by the Feds or losing money to scammers.

Contact Rich Chem Store and buy Carfentanil powder wholesale.

Be the first to benefit from our special re-seller discount. Our prices have gone down about 50 % giving more advantage to all those who are looking to buy carfentanil wholesale.

Send inquiries today and order Carfentanil online.

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